About Us

Central Penn Transportation is a family-owned business headquartered in Lancaster, PA. Matt Rhoads serves as the second-generation president running the day-to-day operations. He continues to carry out the family tradition and values instilled by his father, Chic Rhoads. When Chic started the company in 1985 with three used trucks, he saw the need for a short-haul truckload carrier in Central Pennsylvania. That vision has grown to a fleet of over 100 trucks.

Perhaps we are old-fashioned in our approach to business because we value relationships and personal contact. From a customer’s perspective, we are not simply a means to deliver freight but an active participant in your operation. The term “partner” is often overused but is an accurate description of our role with many customers. From an employee’s perspective you are treated with respect. That translates to an environment where your ideas and performance are appreciated.

Many trucking companies did not survive the recent economic downturn. They went bankrupt, closed their doors or were purchased by other companies. During that period, Central Penn was able to remain focused on our core business and, with a stable and committed workforce, we survived those difficult times. With our experience, we are positioned to move forward and remain the leader in our field